Our year end journey

We are happy to share our work journey with all of you. Every struggle and every work pressure made us stronger. We would like to share the life journey of our company from the beginning to the end of 2022. We started a small work site near Jaffna University on 16th December 2016. Our company had only 6 employees and we started our work slowly. We have done many SEO and WordPress development projects.

 After a while, our plans increased day by day and we had a lot of work. We had only 14*7 feet space for our work.We realized that we cannot sustain ourselves there because of our important projects and work. Also due to the past covid situation in the country we  temporarily closed our company

 After a short period of time, we found a great working environment for our company. We officially relaunched our company in December 2021. We select the best employees for our projects. We enhanced the skills of our employees by imparting intelligent training. By putting in more effort, we are slowly growing our company in a better way. We have one worker per job and we don’t hire more people for the same job.

 Our team spirit and team work have completed many successful projects. We have WordPress Developer, SEO Analyst, Content Writer, Graphic Designer, PHP Developer,publisher and Administrative Coordinators. We have successfully completed 3-5 high budget projects and over 20 low budget projects in our career. 

In the initial period we had only one official reseller partner, now our company has 3 official reseller partners. This is a great achievement for our marketing team. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best website and best web solutions for their businesses. With the cooperation and efforts of our employees, we end the year happily. Let’s see some feedback for our company from our dear employees.


 Now we are at the end of the year. We had many unforgettable memories and work experiences like festival outings, website launching programmes, get togethers, and etc. We have learned a lot from this year and will carry great life lessons into the exciting year ahead. We hope we will always work as a team and will achieve more business goals in the next year. Our company warmly welcomes you all to the New Year and we will protect your trust in our company. 


We would like to share our 2022 year-end family click with all of you.


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