WordPress website security tips 2023

Are you sure that your WordPress website is safe or not? Hackers are increasing day by day and even small businesses are also having these major troubles. Hackers are trying their best for hacking and we want to think of more ways than the hackers to save our WordPress website. We should give more attention to our word press website to prevent these hacking attacks from knowledgeable hackers. Most people fail to follow the correct tips to secure their websites and lose their sensitive data easily. Let’s learn the best WordPress security tips to protect our valuable WordPress website.

  • Hide the theme name and the wordpress CMS

Theme name and the WordPress CMS are the most important for the WordPress website and we can say these two are the root of every WordPress website. Mostly for theme options, buying a theme is the best for the WordPress website. The theme will include the group of files of the website and it dictates the overall appearance of your website.

It is the foundation for the WordPress website also. WordPress CMS is a content management system that helps to find the basic system of a WordPress website. Also, it helps to manage the content and publishing process. We should protect the theme and the WordPress CMS of the WordPress website.

Our WEBbuilders.lk will give you the best solution for your WordPress website security. Hiding the theme and the WordPress CMS is the best tip to protect your WordPress website. Once you hide these main sources from the website, it will protect your WordPress website from harmful hackers. Hackers can’t access your website sources after hiding the theme and the CMS. hackers can’t get any information from your website and they will fail the hacking process. 

  • Firewall & latest updates.

A firewall is a network security that monitors the incoming and outgoing network traffic of our WordPress website and won’t allow any dangerous sources to our website. Its main purpose is to secure our website from unwanted threads. We should do firewall maintenance correctly for our website.

Our team will always suggest Sucuri and wordfence for your website protection. Sucuri is a powerful cloud-based platform that helps to stop hacks and attacks on our WordPress website. We can remove the threads manually and can run our website smoothly by using the Sucuri firewall platform. Wordfence is a popular platform that includes a firewall and malware scanner. Malware scanner checks the themes and plugins for malware, SEO spam, and malicious redirects. It will also be a great solution for your WordPress website security.

Updates are also very important for your WordPress website. You should update your themes and plugins every 2 to 3 months and it will create a healthy view for your WordPress code side. We can set an alert program for our website. So, we can easily find unknown access through this alert. 

  • Secure server

Server security is also a major point in saving your WordPress website. The server is a computer program that processes the request from the client. WordPress website files are always dependent on the server. So, we have to use the best server for our WordPress website.

VPS server and shared server are the best servers for the WordPress website. VPS is a virtual private server that has high performance and its light speed will create a healthy view for our site. A shared server is also a great server for your WordPress website which has hard drive space, CPU, and RAM. It will secure your files, information, and data securely.

Using the cracked files on the server will cause more problems for our website. And also don’t uninstall your server any more time. It’s not good for the WordPress website. Most of the time, optimizing hosting is best for WordPress and also Server side recommended SSL is safer than a free SSL.

Server services from our WEBbuilders.lk 

If you would like to get server security from our WEBbuilders.lk team, you will get more benefits from our services.

  • You will get lifetime wordpress support from us.
  • We can set up an email alert for your website. So, we can easily find the unknown logins from your website.
  • We will connect your domain and the hosting for the best results.
  • We can provide best guidance for your server security.
  • During the hosting period, we will provide you a free error fixing package and auto backup facility for your website.
  • We will do a 404 homepage redirection setup for your website protection.

I hope you all understand the secure tips for your wordpress website.

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