What is domain & Hosting?

A domain is an address for a website with both machine-readable IP addresses and human-readable addresses. Domains specify how the Internet is structured, and it also represents an organization’s network resources to organize. Top-level domains, country code domains, secondary domains and common-level domains are different types of domains.

hosting is a web service that makes your website available on the internet and stores all types of files and data of your website. Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS are some main types of hosting. Hosting generally involves creating and maintaining a site on the World Wide Web. Web hosting includes files on a website and we can view them online.

A website address is a domain name and web hosting helps boost that website. They are closely linked and we need both domain and hosting to build and maintain a website. Otherwise, we will not be able to create the website. So before building a website we need to learn the important protocols of domain and host.

How do we connect your domain and hosting?

If you are ready to get web hosting from our WEBbuilders.lk you can get more benefits through our services. You need to connect your domain and the hosting for the best results. If you change your name server to our server name your domain will automatically connect to our server. Our server names are,

  • Ns1.webbuilders.lk
  • Ns2. webbuilders.lk

During the hosting period, we are providing a free WordPress error-fixing package and auto backup facility to your website. Also, you will get an SSL security certificate which is provided by us for your website security. 

If you need more information about the domain and hosting you can contact our team through 

Tamil Support: +94 76 99 88 123

English & Sinhala Support : +94 74 156 1234

Get the best domain hosting for your websites. Let's learn about domain and hosting with our WEBbuilders squad.

Posted by WEBbuilders.lk on Thursday, October 13, 2022

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